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G'day and welcome to those that have stumbled upon this area of the userpage. So, to keep this brief and to the point, one can expect to find literature of both the fanfiction and original kinds, illustrations and scene prompts in order to initiate roleplay with those that share the passion. Comments are more than welcomed and appreciated, and thank you to those that have found time to glance within, more so should something grab the attention.

My Characters :deviation:

:blackrose: Incubi Aldermero

Netherbloodlines Group
:blackrose:Corvabus Ikubas
:blackrose:Catalina Ikubas
:blackrose:Azerltherien Ikubas
:blackrose:Amell Brimhaven
:blackrose:Sathrian Saheel
:blackrose:Jaderas Saheel
:blackrose:Felica De'narra
:blackrose:Fantasm Eroevain
:blackrose:Nubis Mafari
:blackrose:Victor Mahcea
:blackrose:Quetzaphire Rubeshale
:blackrose:Nara Durgen
:blackrose:ReHeli Dirge'yen
:blackrose:Mephen Pyrosis
:blackrose:Granite Qazan
:blackrose:Xen Gnarl
:blackrose:Dreambane Wraith

:blackrose: Baruka
:blackrose: Endos
:blackrose: Fade
:blackrose: Jam
:blackrose: Rattler
:blackrose: Zarfaree

World of Warcraft
:blackrose: Diablos Silverstar, Sin'dorei Hunter
:blackrose: Thanagrim Eboncaste, Sin'dorei Warlock
:blackrose: Thereesa Silverstar, Kaldorei Hunter
:blackrose: Weronia Caldenn, Worgen Warlock
:blackrose: Val'taharel Silentsword, Kaldorei Druid

To tell the truth I should not need to put this here, but I will all the same. Do not go stealing my characters or using them without permission, concepts or things similar that are © to me, IncubiReaper, or else be prepared to suffer the wrath of this demon. (Nah, but serious, bit of common sense and respect, please.)

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About Me

Hm, I suppose the best thing to be said here is best simplified as much as possible, so here we go. I am indeed a female that comes from the NSW region of Australia, more so from the bushland than the city, which is still strange to me at the end of the day and all. I spend a lot, perhaps too much some might mention, of my time immersed in games on the Xbox and the PC…yes, yes I am a gamer, guess I’ll join one of the many clubs for such a thing. Oh wait, I’ve done that hehe. It can also be said that even though I am female, I tend to lean more towards the mannerism of a male, therefore having been labelled as a tom-girl. When it comes to personality, those that deem me a friend, and even strangers at times, tend to hold the opinion I am an honest and loyal person, quite a patient one too, that prefers to remain out of fights but will indeed stand for what is believed in…with the additional tenacies to write and speak above age group due to several mind disorders. All of which I count as a blessing to tell the truth. Oh and fear not, I don’t demand respect because of this ‘difference’ or ‘barriers’ as some would call them. All I ask is a little tolerance for how silly my words sometimes seem and occasional misunderstandings – never was the ‘aware’ kind much.


This should be fun and easy. More than often spending time on the PC for various but not all that uncommon or different reasons that range between random browsing on the internet and wasting hours immersed in worlds that do not exist, such as Ferelden and Tamriel. If not obvious as this point, I love games that mix strategy, roleplay and adventure all into one package, hence a preference for games such as Dragon Age Origins and Oblivion..and Skyrim. Another main interest is in creating literature, be that original content for my own characters and worlds, fanfiction from cannon and thus well known games and movies, or material for my fan-inspired characters, still original all the same. I have a fondness for horror and often regarded ‘fetish’ materials. Big whoop – go deal with it. This of course goes hand in hand with my entertainment of roleplaying as well.

Why yes! I do love to roleplay! Though not on deviations, more through the use of notes and on those error message submissions that have become more and more of an interest around. Though I admit I'm a fussy person when it comes to roleplay - brought on by years and years of being in the game and the habit. In more recent times I keep to companions rather than take chances with strangers, because experience has taught me well, and has also taught me that very little people out there read and respect any indication of preferences or ideas.

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neoyo22 Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
DONE!!! hope it's not too late <w<…  ♥
(1 Reply)
:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Happy birthday, gorgeous man! Happiness and joy to you!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
(1 Reply)
You have a very good gallery! I really like your drawings) You're a good artist and you are giving hope in drawings:clap: I would gladly add you to my watchlist :love:
(1 Reply)
YaminoOtaku Feb 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you for the llama :D
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Hidden by Owner
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Filanwizard Aug 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you know I have never mentioned this but toss me a separate note sometime apart from our RP(so things do not get mixed up) if you want my blizzard messenging ID thing...   However I dunno of Oceanic and NA servers can chat or not.
(1 Reply)
Felina-Faerlaingal Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news girl, but you're concerned here:
(1 Reply)
I thought I put this in the note, but of course I'd want to continue the RP no matter how or what way. It's the best RP I've ever had, no contest, and I'd like for it to continue. You're an awesome RPer and friend
(1 Reply)
Filanwizard May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
finally looked at your status message thingy..

And I dunno if I want to make a deal, Last time an incubus made me a deal sure I had a great night but he borrowed my soul for a whole week!
(1 Reply)
Sorry to bother you...but were you ever going to reply to our RP? I really liked it
(1 Reply)
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